TF4: Connecting the Dots

​From Science to Action

Connecting the Dots: From Science to Action will focus on the systems-level integration of outcomes from the S20 task force dialogues on the Future of Health, Circular Economy and Digital Revolution, with the end goal of developing a set of consolidated and coherent strategy, policy and action recommendations for the G20 leaders. The overarching theme, Foresight: Science for Navigating Critical Transitions, is a call to action aimed at maximizing opportunities and minimizing disruption brought about by the fast-evolving socio-technological developments in the health, environment and digital sectors. A special focus will be on identifying system-level synergies among the recommendations from the three task forces and on the linkages of these synergies with the G20 2020 agenda (i.e., empowering peoplesafeguarding the planet and shaping new frontiers).

The Connecting the Dots Task Force will aim to (1) explore the system-level connectivity of proposed outcomes from the other task forces, (2) identify integrative priorities, policies and the system-level tools (e.g., complexity modeling) needed to support them, and (3) highlight the alignment of policies and actions with the Saudi G20 agenda (i.e., education for the 21st century, women’s empowerment, and person-centered health systems; sustainable water systems, food security and clean energy; space cooperation and digital economy). The planned synthesis of policy and action recommendations will be an exercise in translating frontier scientific knowledge into tangible human benefits.

The Connecting the Dots Task Force will produce the primary outcome of the entire 2020 S20 Summit - Policy and Action Recommendations to be Communicated to the G20 Leaders. This task force is expected to guide the other three task forces on policy making, review their ideas and recommendations, as well as draft the final policy and action recommendations and the communique for S20 2020. In addition to drafting the policy recommendations, this task force will also recommend governance mechanisms to track the socio-economic impact of the policy recommendations by defining an appropriate operating model and key performance indicators (KPIs). We need not be reminded that the scientific community is likewise being summoned to address the most urgent and consequential issue of our time: the COVID-19 pandemic. It is incumbent upon the 2020 S20 to harness the power of transdisciplinary thought from the G20 Science Academies to offer holistic foresight into our Post-COVID-19 world, and the policies needed for nations and the world to adapt to a vastly changed global environment. The ultimate validation of successful policies is the achievement of intended outcomes. As we make progress, however, a focus on generation of robust and holistic decision support systems will be essential. A final key role for this task force will be to support advocacy for the recommended policy actions to encourage adoption of the recommendations by the G20 nations and the world.