TF1: Future of Health

​Preventing Pandemics and Expanding Personalized Healthcare

Future of Health is a discourse aimed at (1) enhancing our collective understanding of the science that undergirds the most serious threats to human health and wellbeing, (2) unraveling possible solutions based on advances in biological and computational sciences, and (3) inspiring and motivating policies and actions that will translate scientific knowledge into tangible human benefits. The planned discussion carries forward the important Summit Outcomes from the Germany S20 and takes advantage of extensive developments in health sciences and informatics that have occurred since 2017.

The scientific community can advance the healthcare sector by taking advantage of recent technologies and developments and supporting new policies for safeguarding human health, providing primary healthcare, reducing morbidity and mortality and improving the quality of life of people. The Future of Health Task Force will address the science of current and emerging global health threats, evaluate the potential contribution of science and innovation in offering solutions, provide relevant policy recommendations for governments and identify barriers and bottlenecks that can prevent policies from being implemented on the ground. The coronavirus pandemic is a wakeup call reminding us that scientific knowledge is critical to bring about better outcomes, and that the path to a better future of health requires effective integration of frontier scientific knowledge and tools to inform healthcare policies and their implementation.