S20 Saudiarabia,2020

This year's annual summit of the Group of Twenty (G20), comprising major industrialized and emerging economies, will be held in Riyadh under Saudi Arabia's Presidency. The aspiration of Saudi Arabia's Presidency, Realizing Opportunities of the 21st Century for All, is driven by its goal to empower people, safeguard the planet and shape new frontiers.

Since 2017, the scientific community has been included in the dialogue as an independent Engagement Group called Science Twenty (S20). This year, the S20 will be hosted by King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) under the chairmanship of Dr. Anas Alfaris.

The S20 contributes to Saudi Arabia's G20 Presidency by proposing science-driven solutions to the world's most pressing challenges. The overall theme for this year's S20 is Foresight: Science for Navigating Critical Transitions, with the intent to underline how science can be used as a tool to guide humanity through critical global transitions. The theme aims to synthesize Saudi Arabia's G20 Presidency agenda and its Vision 2030 into an international exemplary dialogue – with topics that have a strong impact on the world's economic, societal and environmental stability.

During this year's S20 cycle, each task force will tackle one of four subtopics: Future of Health, Circular Economy, Digital Revolution and Connecting the Dots. The members of the first three task forces collaborate internally to develop action-oriented and impactful policy recommendations that form a consolidated representation of the global scientific state of thought on those topics. With the support of the sherpa, the fourth task force has the special assignment to apply systems-level integration of the other task forces' outputs, resulting in one consensus-based recommendation paper.

The S20 Summit's objective is to offer tangible solutions for the benefit of the world by capturing the voice of the scientific community on topics. The S20's recommendations for navigating critical transitions are officially presented to the G20 leaders for consideration.